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Causeway helps people with mental health issues and other barriers to employment enhance their skills, receive one-on-one support, overcome challenges, find employment and begin the journey to a more independent life. Causeway offers a number of employment programs including: pre‐employment for youth; casual, group, independent and self‐employment options; a wellness program; a computer training program; and five social enterprises that train and employ Causeway clients. We couldn't do what we do without wonderful supporters who continue to believe in the community. All donations help support individuals in their journey to economic independence.

To make a direct donation to Causeway, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$310.00
Dan W.  donated  $20.00        Frances D.  donated  $20.00        Grant S.  donated  $20.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $20.00        Sharon L.  donated  $20.00        Shawn O.  donated  $20.00        Alex G.  donated  $10.00        Bill R.  donated  $10.00        Don P.  donated  $10.00        Dory P.  donated  $10.00        Hilary L.  donated  $10.00        Juliana R.  donated  $10.00        Justin B.  donated  $10.00        Lourdes R.  donated  $10.00        Luanne G.  donated  $10.00        Margarita A.  donated  $10.00        Melissa D.  donated  $10.00        Rennatha B.  donated  $10.00        Rosemary R.  donated  $10.00        Samuel B.  donated  $10.00        Sarah B.  donated  $10.00        Sarah P.  donated  $10.00        Sharon D.  donated  $10.00        Kevin E.  donated  $5.00        Laura S.  donated  $5.00        Rob L.  donated  $5.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $5.00       
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