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Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario Canada
$5,000 Goal
36% of Goal
$1,790 Raised

We have had a significant increase of wish referrals in the past few months and currently have over 125 children waiting for their wish. Funds received from H.O.P.E. would go directly towards our mission of granting the wishes of children with critical illnesses in our territory of Eastern Ontario. Help us transform lives one wish at a time!

To make a direct donation to Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario Canada, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Luca Aceval$500.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$255.00
Olivia Medina$140.00
Aiden Ha$70.00
Bella Yeh$60.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$55.00
Megan Wyszynski$55.00
Farrah Flegal$55.00
Adonis Reid$50.00
Jonas reid$50.00

Top Teams

Mateo's Legacy$1,610.00
Marcel Medina  donated  $100.00        Persephone & Thanos  donated  $100.00        Karen Boville  donated  $55.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $55.00        Britten Sandra  donated  $50.00        Eli Montuno  donated  $50.00        Ethan Chow  donated  $50.00        Jennifer Learmonth  donated  $50.00        Jonas reid  donated  $50.00        Natasha & Martin  donated  $50.00        tenroy reid  donated  $50.00        Vincent Pham  donated  $50.00        Austin Gibson & Family  donated  $40.00        Christopher Bechaalani  donated  $40.00        Eduardas Linauskas  donated  $40.00        Jake Clark & Family  donated  $40.00        Kayla Bowmaster  donated  $40.00        Melissa Wright  donated  $40.00        Olivia Medina  donated  $40.00        Debbie Maxsom  donated  $35.00        Jason Hoang  donated  $35.00        Linda&Garry  donated  $35.00        Christine Roberts  donated  $30.00        Krista Galbraith  donated  $30.00        Cerquozzi Family  donated  $25.00        Donald McLelland  donated  $25.00        Egle Linauskiene  donated  $25.00        Lyn Wattie  donated  $25.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $25.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $25.00        Alecia/Phil  donated  $20.00        Aoife Ryan  donated  $20.00        Eduardas Linauskas  donated  $20.00        Eduardas Linauskas  donated  $20.00        galina Jociute  donated  $20.00        Germanas jocius  donated  $20.00        Germanas jocius  donated  $20.00        Isaac Whelan  donated  $20.00        Jay  donated  $20.00        Kalisa Dickenson  donated  $20.00        Keith Lam  donated  $20.00        Kellie Langlois  donated  $20.00        Sumitra  donated  $20.00        Vanessa Hang  donated  $20.00        Vanessa Hang-Collins  donated  $20.00        Dan the man  donated  $15.00        Dan the man  donated  $15.00        Michele Christianson-Morin  donated  $15.00        Gregory Kerr  donated  $10.00        Merunas Linauskas  donated  $5.00        Riley Dignard  donated  $5.00        Holeka Dlamini  donated an undisclosed amount         Kamini  donated an undisclosed amount         Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount        
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