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Cercles de soutien et de responsabilité d'Ottawa
5 000 $ Objectif
4% de l'objectif
200 $ Collectés

CoSA works! Research indicates that reoffending rates for CoSA participants are 70-80% lower than for those not involved! It works because: core members participate voluntarily; of the trust that develops between a core member and his volunteers; and the support from community partners and professionals. Although CoSA sounds like a win-win-win for everyone, it’s often a hard sell. YOU CAN HELP TO KEEP CoSA-Ottawa OPERATING by supporting our team. It’s easy-just go to RunOttawa.ca, select Scotiabank Charity Challenge, Find a Charity, and select CoSA-Ottawa.

Pour faire un don direct à Cercles de soutien et de responsabilité d'Ottawa, veuillez visiter notre page de collecte de fonds. Merci!

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