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Ottawa Humane Society
$6,700 Goal
21% of Goal
$1,385 Raised

The Ottawa Humane Society provides a safe haven for animals with nowhere else to turn, helping to rescue, reunite and rehome them. Each year we care for nearly 10,000 sick, injured and homeless animals while providing leadership in animal welfare to help build compassion and brighter futures for our community. By joining Team OHS through the TORW SCC YOU can make a difference in the lives of many animals in need. We can’t wait for you to be on our team!

To make a direct donation to the Ottawa Humane Society, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Ottawa Humane Society General Donations$410.00
Liz Carroll $275.00
Samantha Dupuis Tander$230.00
Greg Chong-Hon$210.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$145.00
Allyson MacLean$50.00
Melissa Bindner$35.00
Amira Baccouche$20.00
Christine McGoveran$10.00
Tierney Winnett  donated  $200.00        Greg Chong-Hon  donated  $100.00        Mikey  donated  $100.00        Mom  donated  $100.00        Liz Carroll  donated  $75.00        Stevie/Daisy/Tala  donated  $55.00        Allyson MacLean  donated  $50.00        Barb Hodgins  donated  $50.00        Melanie and Martin  donated  $50.00        Michele Jomphe  donated  $50.00        Danielle Lebrun  donated  $40.00        Helene and Brent  donated  $40.00        tessa steenstra  donated  $40.00        Natalie Fraser  donated  $35.00        Anne and Adam  donated  $25.00        Gail Peacock  donated  $25.00        Lynn Cuthbert  donated  $25.00        Tyler Claude  donated  $25.00        Amira Baccouche  donated  $20.00        Darlene Guay  donated  $20.00        June Cuthbert  donated  $20.00        Lois Strange  donated  $20.00        Patrick L'Esperance  donated  $20.00        Rosanne Kaye  donated  $20.00        Stéphane B. Meere  donated  $20.00        Alain Meere  donated  $15.00        Sofia Meere  donated  $15.00        Stephane B. Meere  donated  $15.00        Zacharia Meere  donated  $15.00        Christine McGoveran  donated  $10.00        Ken & Isabelle Claude  donated  $10.00        Weiler Weiler  donated  $10.00        Gillian Hunter  donated an undisclosed amount         Gillian Wells  donated an undisclosed amount         Hilary Folkes  donated an undisclosed amount        
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