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Ottawa Salus
$5,000 Goal
23% of Goal
$1,150 Raised

Support our run club participants (and supportive Salus staff, as they take part in race weekend and run for Salus. Want to run with us? Join the Salus team! The Salus Run Club was launched in May 2012 with 25 clients have completed in races (some runners competing in numerous races). Runners participate in 3-5 races per year. “I have never been active before but since I have started the running group, it makes me feel good about myself” - quote from a Salus Run Club participant

To make a direct donation to Ottawa Salus, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Top Teams

Angela Stever  donated  $100.00        Cynthia Dwyer  donated  $100.00        Lynne Parisien  donated  $100.00        NICOLE MCKENNA  donated  $100.00        Richard Scrivens  donated  $100.00        Rory Stever  donated  $75.00        Steph Roy McCallum  donated  $75.00        Carole McLachlin  donated  $55.00        Kaarin karsen  donated  $55.00        Robert Fairhurst  donated  $50.00        Alanna Scrivens  donated  $25.00        Marianne Long  donated  $25.00        Griffin Stever  donated  $10.00        Eric and ZuZu  donated an undisclosed amount         Lupcia & Phil Karacson  donated an undisclosed amount         Michele Armstrong  donated an undisclosed amount         Patrick McKenna  donated an undisclosed amount         Tam Cao  donated an undisclosed amount        
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