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Lung Association of Nova Scotia
$5,000 Goal
26% of Goal
$1,300 Raised

Please join the Lung Runners in support of lung health in Nova Scotia! Together, we can have fun, lean on one another, and work to make a difference in lung health in our province! Your hard work and donations will allow us to support patients with COPD, people awaiting lung transplants, kids with asthma, sleep apnea patients, cancer patients and more! With your support we WILL make a difference in people's lives who are coping with lung disease

To make a direct donation to Lung Association of Nova Scotia, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

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DESIREE MCINNIS  donated  $200.00        Shonna Cohoon  donated  $100.00        WILLIAM FOUGERE  donated  $100.00        Anon  donated  $75.00        Eva, Brett and Alice  donated  $50.00        Joanne McInnis  donated  $50.00        Joanne MCINNIS  donated  $50.00        Marleen and Jim Rice  donated  $50.00        Vicki-lynn McInnis  donated  $50.00        Kaelen Weaver  donated  $30.00        Andrea Power  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Hailey Rosart  donated  $25.00        Andre  donated  $20.00        Cheryl Gates  donated  $20.00        Janet White  donated  $20.00        Louise Donaldson  donated  $20.00        Marg Coffin  donated  $20.00        Melinda Donaldson  donated  $20.00        Michelle Donaldson  donated  $20.00        Cindy  donated  $10.00        Gordon  donated  $10.00        Kelly  donated  $10.00        Susan  donated  $10.00        Carolyn  donated an undisclosed amount         Linda O'Brien  donated an undisclosed amount         Lisa Kennedy  donated an undisclosed amount         The MacKenzies  donated an undisclosed amount        
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