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Halifax Public Libraries
$10,000 Goal
32% of Goal
$3,207 Raised

Our library is a space for everyone—where curious minds of all ages and backgrounds can explore books, technology and ideas. In 2018, the Taste Like Home program launched, exploring food heritage, food security challenges and education through hands-on workshops. Food in libraries, who would have thought?! What we learned was, food brings people together, teaches new skills and helps those in need. Just like runners need proper food, so does everyone in our community—2019 Runners will be raising money to ensure food and food programming is available in all branches for those who need it.

To make a direct donation to Halifax Public Libraries, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Reza Mehrpooya$720.00
Ashley Radisic$515.00
Julia Doyle$490.00
Sara MacNeil$375.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$345.00
Cindy O'Driscoll$331.00
Flora Royahi$150.00
Pamela Gerry$96.00
Kim Humes$50.00
Nicholas Dreise$35.00

Top Teams

Wine Survivor Fundraiser  donated  $445.00        Karen J Dahl  donated  $150.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $100.00        Hadi, Cora, Laura, Sophie  donated  $100.00        Jolene  donated  $100.00        Kim Brooks  donated  $100.00        Parya Roodbaraki  donated  $100.00        Reza Mehrpooya  donated  $100.00        Roshanak Sadeghi-Zadeh  donated  $100.00        Sara Gillis  donated  $100.00        Your husband and kids  donated  $100.00        Advan-Tel Products Inc.  donated  $75.00        Jason Rhinelander  donated  $75.00        Sara Napier & Robert Moffat  donated  $75.00        Marika Warren  donated  $61.00        Brian & Judi Pestill  donated  $55.00        Ebrahim kiani moghadam  donated  $55.00        Flora Riyahi  donated  $55.00        Mary Spurr  donated  $55.00        Niloufar Biglar  donated  $55.00        Nooshin & Hamid  donated  $55.00        Flora Riyahi  donated  $50.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $50.00        Gillian Earl  donated  $50.00        Roshanak  donated  $50.00        Shirin and Bakhshi  donated  $50.00        Sinead Middleton  donated  $45.00        Cindy O'Driscoll  donated  $40.00        Joy  donated  $40.00        Ari Steinberg  donated  $36.00        Glenn Chamberlain  donated  $35.00        Janet Newton  donated  $35.00        Jon  donated  $35.00        Seth  donated  $35.00        Seth  donated  $35.00        Amy v  donated  $25.00        Angie DeCoste  donated  $25.00        Kris Foley  donated  $25.00        Marg Foster  donated  $25.00        Nicole Tousignant-Keays  donated  $25.00        Scott Burnett  donated  $25.00        Wendy Taylor  donated  $25.00        Hodgawary's  donated  $20.00        Kellie M  donated  $20.00        Andrew Fiddes  donated  $10.00        Kellie T  donated  $10.00        Nicole Blades  donated  $10.00        Bob MacKinnon  donated an undisclosed amount         Catherine  donated an undisclosed amount         Danielle N Dungey  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated an undisclosed amount         Kim Humes  donated an undisclosed amount         Pamela Gerry  donated an undisclosed amount         Sara MacNeil  donated an undisclosed amount        
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