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Epilepsy Association of Calgary
$15,000 Goal
2% of Goal
$320 Raised

At the Epilepsy Association of Calgary, we're passionate about supporting people whose lives have been touched by epilepsy, and we're on a mission to eliminate the fear and misunderstanding so commonly associated with epilepsy, by giving the public the skills and tools needed to recognize and assist with a seizure. Please join us and help us reach our $15,000 goal so we can make a difference for friends, neighbors, and colleagues who are living with epilepsy. Please select the Epilepsy Association of Calgary, and register for your event. Then join us on TEAM EPILEPSY. EPILEPSY - LET'S CRUSH THE STIGMA!

To make a direct donation to Epilepsy Association of Calgary please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Lori Ramcharan  donated  $100.00        Marisa  donated  $75.00        Margaret & David Baker  donated  $55.00        Jamie Mcquay  donated  $35.00        Terhi  donated an undisclosed amount        
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