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Canadian Women's Foundation
$5,000 Goal
4% of Goal
$201 Raised

We take a positive approach to addressing root causes of the most critical issues facing women and girls. We study and share the best ways to create long-term change and bring community organizations together for training and to learn from each other. Your contribution will help to fund critical programs for the women and girls who need them the most, and support our work toward a more equal Canada. The programs we fund address four urgent issues: prevention of gender-based violence, women’s economic development, girls’ empowerment, and inclusive leadership.

To make a direct donation to Canadian Women's Foundation, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$160.00
Mac Bradley$20.00
Connor McCullagh$10.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$2.00

Top Teams

fs 19 test$3.00
Jerry Richardson  donated  $100.00        Eddie Rafols  donated  $50.00        Connor McCullagh  donated  $10.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $10.00        Mac Bradley  donated  $10.00        Monte Comeau  donated  $10.00        testbbq  donated  $3.00        family  donated  $1.00        fs  donated  $1.00        fs test  donated  $1.00        fs test  donated  $1.00        test frontstream  donated  $1.00        test frontstream  donated  $1.00        test frontstream3  donated  $1.00        test frontstream4  donated  $1.00        test test  donated  $1.00       
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