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Dr. David Stather Memorial Award was created to honour the memory of a great physician and a friend. David was widely recognized as a colleague who practiced medicine to the highest clinical and academic standards. He cared deeply about the wellbeing of his patients, many of whom had advances respiratory diseases. David made a difference with commitment, expertise and compassion. The Canadian Outcomes Registry for Chest Procedure is a national database created in collaboration with all the specialists in Interventional Pulmonary Medicine across Canada to collect information on procedures with the goal of improving care to patients with lung diseases.

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Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$1,780.00
Michelle Siminiuk$305.00
Julia Haber$220.00
Alanna Kline$100.00
Rhea Varughese  donated  $150.00        Alain Tremblay  donated  $125.00        Aaron Johnston  donated  $100.00        Alanna Kline  donated  $100.00        Brandie Walker  donated  $100.00        Chris Hergott  donated  $100.00        Chris Martin  donated  $100.00        Christine Edgerton  donated  $100.00        Gabriela Czulak  donated  $100.00        Judy Bishop  donated  $100.00        Julia Haber  donated  $100.00        Karen Jensen  donated  $100.00        Paul MacEachern  donated  $100.00        Willis Tsai  donated  $100.00        Yvonne Klaver  donated  $75.00        Amy Eng  donated  $55.00        Elaine Dumoulin  donated  $50.00        Elaine Dumoulin  donated  $50.00        Laura Lee Petsnick  donated  $50.00        Margaret Pelchat  donated  $50.00        Rick Phillips  donated  $50.00        Kristin Lyons  donated  $40.00        Aisha Tarek Birani  donated  $25.00        Andree-Anne Gagnon-Audet  donated  $25.00        Connor Kudar  donated  $25.00        Sophie Dumoulin  donated  $25.00        Winston Gaqui  donated  $25.00        Carmen Santillo  donated  $20.00        Cristina Santillo  donated  $20.00        Laila Samy  donated  $20.00        Lisa Santillo  donated  $20.00        Marta  donated  $20.00        Melinda Davis  donated  $20.00        Angie Thielen  donated  $15.00        Desiree Hao  donated an undisclosed amount        
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