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Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) Calgary
$2,000 Goal
136% of Goal
$2,715 Raised

CADS provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the joy of participating and competing in alpine snowsports. CADS does this by developing and promoting adaptive snowsports through partnerships, training, and instructor certification programs. Our Mission: CADS Calgary creates a positive, inclusive community for persons with disabilities and their families through removing barriers to experience adaptive winter sports. Our Vision: The vision of CADS Calgary is to develop a community of life-long, passionate adaptive skiers and snowboarders at ski areas everywhere.

To make a direct donation to Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) Calgary, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Karen Walker$1,585.00
Scott Nicol$600.00
Robin Braconnier$260.00
Aimee Smith$120.00
Roselle Gonsalves$105.00
Russell Asplund$25.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$20.00
Brett and Caylie  donated  $250.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $200.00        Shawn and Marci Hittle  donated  $200.00        B Walker  donated  $100.00        Brenda Smith  donated  $100.00        Jillian & Diver  donated  $100.00        Lori and Andy Vollmerhaus  donated  $100.00        Melissa Foy  donated  $100.00        Richard & Lynne Oishi  donated  $100.00        Scott Nicol  donated  $100.00        Tanya & Chris Chisholm  donated  $100.00        Jorgen Krause  donated  $60.00        Simon  donated  $55.00        Kimberley Karpenko  donated  $50.00        Maryann Fraser  donated  $35.00        Teresa-Anne  donated  $35.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $25.00        Russell Asplund  donated  $25.00        Becky Smith  donated  $20.00        Danielle Whittier  donated  $20.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $20.00        Doug & Debbi  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated an undisclosed amount         Gary and Arlene Walker  donated an undisclosed amount         Jeanna and Louis  donated an undisclosed amount         Karen & Gary Noonan  donated an undisclosed amount         Kathleen O'Donoghue  donated an undisclosed amount         Kendra  donated an undisclosed amount         Ron  donated an undisclosed amount         Sarah E Carr-Locke  donated an undisclosed amount        
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