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The Lighthouse Children and Families
$40,000 Goal
75% of Goal
$29,854 Raised

The Lighthouse Children and Families is the first paediatric palliative care hospice in Quebec. The Lighthouse has developed a unique expertise to offer the best quality of life to children with a life-threatening illness or condition. Its mission is also to provide families with support, accompaniment and bereavement follow-up. Make a donation to ensure the sustainability of the organization and extend its services to all Quebec families who need support.

To make a direct donation to The Lighthouse Children and Families, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

P et A SAMSON $3,330.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$2,644.05
Marie-Eve Couturier$2,335.00
Raphaëlle Beaulieu-Bastien$2,255.00
Karine Philipps$1,753.40
Paulo Pereira$1,500.00
Annie B.$1,100.00
Jacques Ramsay$1,050.00
Jacques Thibodeau$1,040.00
Véronique De Vreeze$649.44
Vincent Marissal$615.00
Dany Deschamps$600.00
Chantal Bérubé$515.00
Monique Storat$475.00
Louise Vaillancourt$425.00
Marie-Ève Bédard$420.00
Sébastien Martinez$395.00
Sebastian Estevan$325.00
Annie-Hélène Samson$325.00
Jessica Desjardins$300.00
Juliette Langin$280.00
Roseline Parslow$270.00
Stephanie Dionne$250.00
Élisabeth Vallée-Lachance$225.00
Marion Onno$210.00
Andree-anne Turgeon$200.00
Isaac Corbeil$200.00
Yannick Cardinal$200.00
Éloïse Guitar$200.00
Elisabeth Belanger-Roy$190.00
Ginette Leduc$150.00
Joanie Lefebvre$110.00
Clément Onno$100.00
Karl Couturier$100.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$100.00
Anik Deschamps$75.00
Megan Galarneau Dube$65.00
Stephanie dionne$25.00
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