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Fondation Père Sablon
$6,000 Goal
117% of Goal
$7,014 Raised

Run for the Père Sablon Foundation is a free registration with a commitment of at least $ 150. It is especially to offer young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the benefits of physical activity while meeting a sporting challenge. To register, contact Sophie Marcoux (smarcoux@oeuvresablon.com / 514 527 1256, 317).

To make a direct donation to Fondation Père Sablon, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$1,000.00
Michel Doray$650.00
Mathieu Leblanc Laberge$610.00
Loïc Desjardins$380.00
Romain Thibaud$360.00
Catherine Santerre$345.00
Rebecca Iliescu$300.00
Karolane Cliche$250.00
Mélissa Gaudreau$250.00
Simon Murray$230.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$200.00
Pierre-Luc Massey$200.00
Pierre-André Lebeuf$200.00
Sophie Benoit Sylvestre$200.00
Lily Barrière-Groppi$190.00
Jérôme Savard$185.00
Mathieu Leclerc$180.00
Arnaud Bourassa$170.00
Marjolayne Jutras-Rousselle$170.00
Adrianne Gauvin-Sasseville$150.00
Alexandre Lapointe$145.00
Sarah Bergeron$130.00
Julie Loiselle$110.00
Ibti Saadi$100.00
Ouiam A. Didane$95.00
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