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Niagara (Hernder Estate Wines)

Welcome to the Muddy Grape Endurance Run

Thank you for supporting the Muddy Grape Endurance Run for Special Olympics Ontario!

To participate, click "Register" below and follow the steps.  You will be able to choose either Niagara or Guelph as your location.

Collect donations from all your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who would like to see you conquer the Muddy Grape!  There are great incentive prizes for top fundraisers so start today.

To support a participant or team, click "Find Team or Participant" below.

To make a general donation to the Muddy Grape, click "Donate" below.

First Location

Top Fundraisers

Leah Gordon$360.00
Jacquie Fuentes$290.00

Top Teams

Pretty Little Mudders$480.00
Muddy Buddies$360.00
The Muddy Lynx$140.00
Anonymous  donated  $250.00        Doug & Cathy Smith  donated  $100.00        Guillermo Fuentes  donated  $100.00        Jacquie Fuentes  donated  $65.00        Anonymous  donated  $60.00        Judy Bunting  donated  $60.00        Leah Gordon  donated  $60.00        Ron Tarr  donated  $60.00        Clare & Joe Jaksic  donated  $50.00        Donald Grahame  donated  $50.00        Matt J  donated  $50.00        Melissa Trautmann  donated  $50.00        pat BEDARD  donated  $50.00        Rick Goertz  donated  $50.00        Amber Theriault  donated  $40.00        Emma Gravelle  donated  $40.00        Emma Gravelle  donated  $40.00        Judy Irwin  donated  $40.00        Kim Gravelle  donated  $40.00        Maeve VanDriel  donated  $40.00        Steve Mavroutsikos  donated  $40.00        Brad & Diana Eaves  donated  $30.00        Judy Billing  donated  $30.00        Kim Presti  donated  $30.00        peggy niven  donated  $30.00        Richard Dawdy  donated  $30.00        Julie & TJ Hatton  donated  $25.00        Meaghan Gerdl  donated  $25.00        Tom Jefferies  donated  $25.00        Judy Baker  donated  $20.00        Lefty Pasalis  donated  $20.00        Robert Gerdl  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Catherine Welch-Robertson  donated an undisclosed amount         Courtney Robertson  donated an undisclosed amount         Jen Frendo  donated an undisclosed amount         Jen Hayes  donated an undisclosed amount         Josie Hollingshead  donated an undisclosed amount         Mary Wakil  donated an undisclosed amount         Pat & Cathy Roszell  donated an undisclosed amount         Pat Devellis  donated an undisclosed amount         Simone Patrick  donated an undisclosed amount         Tammy Morden  donated an undisclosed amount        
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