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Guelph (Guelph Lake Conservation Area)

Welcome to the Muddy Grape Endurance Run

Thank you for supporting the Muddy Grape Endurance Run for Special Olympics Ontario!

To participate, click "Register" below and follow the steps.  You will be able to choose either Niagara or Guelph as your location.

Collect donations from all your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who would like to see you conquer the Muddy Grape!  There are great incentive prizes for top fundraisers so start today.

To support a participant or team, click "Find Team or Participant" below.

To make a general donation to the Muddy Grape, click "Donate" below.

Top Fundraisers

Johanna Cunningham$275.00
Nick Paul-Duddy$150.00
Nancy Sharma$144.00

Top Teams

Robin Blecker  donated  $94.00        Elizabeth Cook  donated  $90.00        Charles Hawes  donated  $60.00        Kimberly van Vliet  donated  $60.00        Jamie Richter  donated  $50.00        John Paul Whittaker  donated  $50.00        John van Vliet  donated  $50.00        Kevin Pelling  donated  $50.00        Sam Swanson  donated  $50.00        Tamara Huestis  donated  $50.00        Dave Humphries  donated  $40.00        Amanda Burrows  donated  $30.00        Bryan Peacock  donated  $30.00        Deirdre Stuart  donated  $30.00        Kathi Richards  donated  $30.00        Shauna Eagles  donated  $30.00        Marjorie Goodyear  donated  $25.00        Sharon Scott  donated  $25.00        Emily Scott  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Danna Hunter  donated an undisclosed amount         Kathryn Fraser-Morris  donated an undisclosed amount         Kim Culhane  donated an undisclosed amount         Mary Ellen Teeple  donated an undisclosed amount         Peter & Debbie Cunningham  donated an undisclosed amount         Tina Gill  donated an undisclosed amount        
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