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UrbanPromise Toronto
$75,000 Goal
81% of Goal
$60,583 Raised

Children living in Toronto Community Housing want what any kid wants... >To be known, accepted and valued. >To become just like their role models. >To dream. They're up against some tough realities... >material poverty >lack of resources >destructive cycles >broken families >lure of drugs >threat of violence Which can make them feel unworthy, defeated, angry, hopeless. BUT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE HOPE, AND EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW JESUS-THE AUTHOR OF HOPE ITSELF. Join The Run for Promise Team - Raise funds supporting programs where children are known, accepted and valued by positive role models, providing opportunities to dream.

To make a direct donation to UrbanPromise Toronto, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$11,110.00
Christine Lee$6,082.00
Peter Kentie$4,312.56
Janelle Jong$4,042.20
Andrew Au$3,585.38
Wynter Macfarlane$3,505.00
Shawn James$3,256.00
Stephanie McBride$2,109.59
Jeffrey Ng$2,015.00
Ayesha Madden$1,750.00
"KUYA" Julius Vincent Naredo$1,380.00
Joline Bradbury$1,250.00
Shirley Moncur$1,105.00
Benjamin Chong$1,080.00
Chanelle Moore$1,000.00
Grandparents on the Run$980.00
Ricky Do$965.00
Kelly Stouffer$965.00
Jenny Qiu$955.00
Chris Jong$935.00
Stephanie Bauman$760.00
Inake Kiezebrink$730.00
Joe Tullo$655.00
Octavia Watson$605.00
Ling Chee Jong$570.00
Robert Kelsall$500.00
Maxine Yu$450.00
Stephen Wu$415.00
Iris Kwok$405.00
Whitney Kwong$400.00
Rachel Mcclements$355.00
Lois Tullo$350.00
Jessie Ng$330.00
Cynthia Chan$265.00
Global Risk Institute for Urban Promise$260.00
Jessica Poon$190.00
Cassandra Frederick$170.00
Ruthann Brock$155.00
Darrick Sham$135.00
Yvonne Yeung$100.00
Naomi Wong$100.00
Jocelyne Chan$50.00
Bryan Woo$50.00
Grandparents on the Run$50.00
Katelyn Wu$50.00

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