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Annex Cat Rescue
$30,000 Goal
164% of Goal
$49,245 Raised

Annex Cat Rescue is dedicated to eliminating cat homelessness in Toronto. Until that time, we care for cats and kittens in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) daily feeding and colony management, medical/dental care, socializing, fostering, adopting or in the case of feral cats, spaying/neutering and returning (TNR). Now in its 22nd year, ACR remains 100% volunteer-run with 90% of monies raised helping cats in partnership with veterinarians who provide services at reduced rates. We have a no-kill policy so cats remain in foster care until a permanent home is found. Join our team!

To make a direct donation to The Annex Cat Rescue, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$3,371.00
Elizabeth Cabral$2,500.00
Cary Mac Bay$2,465.00
Leslie Hurley$1,545.00
Kelly Holley$1,235.00
Nina Yanko$1,005.00
Brenda and Lana$975.00
Kimberly Hughes$835.00
Marianne Premuzic$800.00
Colette Miller$685.00
Laura Moriarity$635.00
Sarah McIntosh$600.00
Teena in Toronto$575.00
Phillip Plimmer$568.50
Heather P$550.00
Karen $530.00
Kevin Silva$520.00
Katie Phillips$450.00
Simon Withers$400.00
Jacqueline Chan$380.00
Fabienne Bozec$330.00
Alan Macek$310.00
Agnes Kowalczyk$285.00
Diana Rogers$260.00
Cat Higgs$220.00
Olga Yakovleva$200.00
Tatiana Pelesz$155.00
David Missio$130.00
Jessica Gomez$125.00
Sylvia Adamcik$100.00
Michael Wood$65.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$50.00
Sue Anne Derry$50.00
Elizabeth Valeoro$20.00

Top Teams

Team ACR 2019$48,334.50
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