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Adam House
$40,000 Goal
1% of Goal
$450 Raised

Adam House is participating in the run for the sixth time this year. Each year we have learned more about how to make this a successful fundraiser, increasing the number of runners participating and funds raised. It has become our main fundraising event. Last year we raised over $26,000. Adam House has projected $40,000 as its fundraising goal for the 2019 Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Funds raised support general operating expenses, including providing emergency shelter, support to refugees, and much needed capital improvements to the facility. We intend to continue participating in the Challenge increasing our goal and impact each year.

To make a direct donation to Adam House, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Markus Gommel  donated  $200.00        Nadia McRoberts  donated  $200.00        Norraw  donated  $50.00       
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