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Autism Ontario
$25,000 Goal
118% of Goal
$29,544 Raised

No family or person on the spectrum should ever feel alone or experience ASD as a barrier to inclusion. Help us make sure this doesn't happen. With Canadian rates of ASD sitting at 1:66, odds are, you know someone or care about someone with autism. Join us. Make a difference. Walk or run alongside our team of Autistic adults, parents and dedicated volunteers who want Ontario to see the potential in every person on the autism spectrum. Help Autism Ontario serve the autism community locally and provincially by creating meaningful opportunities for Autistic children, youth and adults and their families.

To make a direct donation to Autism Ontario, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Deborah Kitchen$2,925.00
Jenny Donnell$2,913.00
Patrick Legris$2,530.00
Brenda Sicilia$1,095.00
Carissa Horley$975.00
Kevin Qu$960.00
Sunny Gill$930.00
Sima Jam$905.00
Roozbeh Paribakht$845.00
Carly Elmalem$836.00
Kathy Chen$835.00
Majid Mamadou$750.00
Jesse Schneidssss$700.00
Eric Meyer$675.00
Emily Brown$540.00
Matt Herskovitz$500.00
Ryan Reeves$490.00
Brian Morris$465.00
Maureen Zhang$425.00
Ashley Hitchmough$420.00
Devin Walters$385.00
Courtney Hegedus$365.00
Edmund Lee$355.00
Kat Buchan$350.00
aly mayta$330.00
Susanna Tam$320.00
Neil Houston$285.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$261.00
Anna Leshchenko$246.90
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$240.00
Lynn Moore$235.00
Tatum Shiff$215.00
Ryan Jordan$200.00
Justin Chu$185.00
Michael Brocco$175.00
Amanda Goodison$165.00
Krista Kroon$155.00
Sarah Shaw$155.00
Jeraldine Pineda$135.00
Umer Khalid$135.00
Daniel Nguyen$125.00
Kumar Kumaraguru$100.00
Bilingual Source$75.00
Susanna Yuk-Shan Tam$60.00
Kristen Gage$55.00
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