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ALS Canada
$1,000 Goal
323% of Goal
$3,230 Raised

Thank you for choosing to support the ALS Society of Canada. Through your participation we are able to support communities and people living with ALS, and to fund leading-edge research to help make ALS a treatable, not terminal disease. From now until race day we are here for you! Whether you need help with fundraising, information about incentives, or just a high five- we've got you covered!

To make a direct donation to ALS Society of Canada, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Melissa Foy$3,210.00
Michele Crossman$20.00
Dan Magyar & Joy Alford & Family  donated  $300.00        Leo Yu  donated  $300.00        Blaine and Karen Walker  donated  $250.00        Bryan Dyck  donated  $250.00        Nikki & Simon Coward  donated  $200.00        Alison Cruikshank  donated  $100.00        Barb Cardwell  donated  $100.00        David Brown  donated  $100.00        Dee and Rob  donated  $100.00        Jacquie Spiers  donated  $100.00        Joanna Hardy  donated  $100.00        Krysia Leja  donated  $100.00        Lori and Andy Vollmerhaus  donated  $100.00        Martin and Emma  donated  $100.00        Nicole and Peter Kostek  donated  $100.00        Christine Aziz  donated  $55.00        Jerry Tiegs  donated  $55.00        Danielle Milne  donated  $50.00        Sam  donated  $35.00        The Bialek Family  donated  $35.00        Michele Crossman  donated  $20.00        Cat and Tim Coward-Silbaugh  donated an undisclosed amount         Darren Madley  donated an undisclosed amount         Jessie Foster  donated an undisclosed amount         Trevor Z  donated an undisclosed amount        
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