Welcome to the 2020 Polar Plunge Season!

January - April

$30,000 Goal
13% of Goal
$3,885 Raised

It's time to start Freezin' for a Reason!

Thank you for supporting the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Ontario!

To register for this year's plunge, click "Sign Up" below and follow the steps, including accepting the waiver.

Collect donations from all your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who would like to see you plunge into the icy waters!  Great prizes for top fundraisers so start today!

To support a plunger or team, click "Search" below.

To make a general donation to the plunge, click "Donate".

Top Fundraisers

Top Teams

Sean Delaney  donated  $200.00        Brent MacIntyre  donated  $100.00        Com-Net  donated  $100.00        Jill Skinner  donated  $100.00        Keith Ledingham  donated  $100.00        Marc-Andre Sheehy  donated  $100.00        Michele Franko  donated  $100.00        Patrick Flanagan  donated  $90.00        Rudolf Svidran  donated  $70.00        Anonymous  donated  $60.00        Bev Rouleau  donated  $60.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Chantal Worth  donated  $50.00        John McGetrick  donated  $50.00        Karen Pynn  donated  $50.00        Ken Leslie  donated  $50.00        Lana Lotan  donated  $50.00        Lee Barrett  donated  $50.00        Lisa Weagle  donated  $50.00        Mark Miller  donated  $50.00        Meaghan McCabe  donated  $50.00        Melanie Arbour  donated  $50.00        Michelle Rathwell  donated  $50.00        Mike Edens  donated  $50.00        Rob Raistrick  donated  $50.00        Ryan Rouleau  donated  $50.00        Scott Barrett  donated  $50.00        Scott Nystedt  donated  $50.00        Serge Cayouette  donated  $50.00        Steve Lamourie  donated  $50.00        Terry Charbot  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $40.00        Anonymous  donated  $40.00        Denise Therrien  donated  $40.00        elizabeth pineo  donated  $40.00        Jeff McLaurin  donated  $40.00        Lysa Turgeon  donated  $40.00        Melanie Cote  donated  $40.00        Neil Powell  donated  $40.00        Paul Ste. Marie  donated  $40.00        Shauna McCormick  donated  $40.00        Stephen Lamourie  donated  $40.00        Christine Higgins  donated  $30.00        Dave Jones  donated  $30.00        Dominique Picard  donated  $30.00        Joanne Coxwell  donated  $30.00        John G Watters  donated  $30.00        Laurie Bednarek  donated  $30.00        Lise Breau  donated  $30.00        Nicole Nadeau  donated  $30.00        Rob Hofstetter  donated  $30.00        Robert Manifold  donated  $30.00        Vince Lucas  donated  $30.00        Adalaine Ostrom  donated  $25.00        Al Tario  donated  $25.00        Audrey Arbour  donated  $25.00        Audrey Arbour  donated  $25.00        Christine Murrell  donated  $25.00        Denise Haelzle  donated  $25.00        Stephanie Barrett  donated  $25.00        Stephanie Kenny  donated  $25.00        Anabella Svidran  donated  $20.00        Anne-Marie Morin  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Blair Pattee  donated  $20.00        Carolyn Puderer  donated  $20.00        Chantel Alexander  donated  $20.00        Christine Berthiaux  donated  $20.00        Colette Sauve  donated  $20.00        emmanuel svidran  donated  $20.00        Jessica Ross  donated  $20.00        Joanne Cavallin  donated  $20.00        Jocelyne Winn  donated  $20.00        Lucie Tasse  donated  $20.00        Penny LeBel  donated  $20.00        Sophie and Philip Charlebois  donated  $20.00        Suzanne Rogers  donated  $20.00        Suzanne Rozman  donated  $20.00        Jim Stienberg  donated  $19.99        Pat Arbour  donated  $10.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Cathy McMullen  donated an undisclosed amount         Jennifer Guth  donated an undisclosed amount         Michel Marin  donated an undisclosed amount         MIke Van Dusen  donated an undisclosed amount         Phil Franko  donated an undisclosed amount         Val Beauregard  donated an undisclosed amount        
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