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Pegi Furanna-McIntosh
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Cuso International sends people rather than money – we are not an emergency aid agency. Our volunteers work on long-term, sustainable solutions, and live at the heart of the community they serve, on a similar allowance and in comparable accommodation to their local co-workers. Our volunteers come from many professional and personal backgrounds, from many ages, and from across Canada and the United States as well as from a number of developing countries in which we work. In spite of the obstacles facing them, people in every corner of the developing world are building better futures for their communities. Our volunteers work side-by-side with these committed citizens to make this positive change happen. They are matched to placements that meet the direct requests of our overseas partners. Lasting change requires not just a financial investment, but also a human investment. That’s why Cuso International shares skills, and changes lives. While there are many volunteer-sending agencies, one of Cuso International’s unique attributes is its role as the North American strategic alliance partner of VSO, a worldwide partnership of Voluntary Service Overseas organizations. This is the world's largest non-governmental development network that works through volunteers. It allows us to recruit from all over the world, and we can transfer the expertise, experience and ‘best practices’ of one country to another. You can follow along with my experiences by subscribing to my blog to my blog.
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2009-05-01 08:30
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