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Remembering is difficult.  

Twenty years after the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was completed, my father, an Air Force Navigator, had still not seen it.  Every few years we tried to plan a trip but there always seemed to be a reason not to go.  Dad even got to Washington a few times but just couldn’t get to “The Wall.”  

Logistics were not the problem.  He was putting off the pain that he knew would come from remembering.  Friends...Lives...Responsibilities...

Remembering is also difficult for the rest of us.  We get absorbed in the routine of our lives and forget the sacrifices that made that routine possible.   As a Nation, we are much better at acknowledging sacrifice than we were pre 9/11.  Yet it remains difficult to remember the sacrifices of our military families when the National Anthem is done playing and we are “back to the grind.”

Our Government provides for our veterans but in many cases cannot completely meet the physical and mental needs of those who served. Operation Second Chance helps to bridge the gap between what is provided and what is truly needed.  For more than a decade OSC has been committed to providing aid and support for wounded, recovering and ill combat veterans as they transition back to active duty or civilian life.

On October 4th I'll begin this four-day, 310 mile bike ride from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC - along with about 100 other riders who have committed to raising funds for Operation Second Chance.  Our goal this year is to continue Ride Allegheny's track record of success and raise $500,000!  My personal goal is to raise $5,000.  With your generosity OSC can continue to provide items like advanced prosthetics so our veterans can run, swim, or ride a bike again.  Your donation might also be used to retrofit the home of Veteran facing new physical realities. 

Dad and I did finally make it to “The Wall.”   The visit required all of the strength he gathered in the years that he wasn’t ready.   He saw and touched the names of his crew mates and friends.   He bowed his head.  He wept.  

He remembered.  

And with the pain of remembering came the gift of relief. Memories of loss and frustration gave way to memories of joyful friendship, teamwork and achievement in the face of tremendous challenges.

I want to remember too.  And I want to help.  So I’ll complete the ride not just to remember my father, but to remember the sacrifices made by all veterans whose paths might otherwise never cross mine.  

Please consider making a pledge to Ride Allegheny.  Take a tour around this website to see the impact of your gift.  And, now and then, please take a break from your routine to remember.   

Thanks for your support!

Glenn Rempe

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You are the only Glenn in this race, and you will be the fastest Glenn to finish this race. :D WAHOO!
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Ride Nephew Ride!
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