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Many people may wonder why I am involved, so allow me to share...

Life could not have been better for my step-sister Kelly. Kelly was 34 years old and along with her husband, Ken, were running a successful dry land boat facility and the future was looking great. Then at Christmas time in 1996, Kelly found a lump. She saw the doctor the next day and it was determined that she had breast cancer. This was one of the most emotional and difficult times of her life, not only was she dealing with a life threatening illness, she was also pregnant with their first child. Within a week, Kelly had four surgeries, terminated the pregnancy and began six months of chemotherapy.

Ken & Kelly ended up giving up their business in Mississauga. There were many reasons, but the main one was the cancer. They knew they had to make some changes, so they moved to a nice little residential area on Georgian Bay and began a quieter lifestyle. Kelly knew from the beginning of this journey that she was going to do something to help others with Breast Cancer. One thing that she discovered was that the costs for items not covered under extended health plans were financially burdensome. She knew first-hand what it was like to face the emotional, mental, physical and financial stress that breast cancer patients and their families are faced with.

One fall evening, Kelly’s good friend Suzy Stenoff visited Ken & Kelly for dinner. After dinner Kelly & Suzy were sitting on the deck over-looking Georgian Bay. They were discussing all the stages that Kelly had been going through and how they could change that for others. Kelly was determined to turn her diagnosis into something good! They first considered having a golf tournament, and then could not stop laughing at how they would hold a golf tournament when neither knew a thing about golf. As they continued to think, Suzy noticed Kelly & Ken’s snowmobiles off to the side & covered. She asked Kelly if they enjoyed snowmobiling and just like that the idea for the Snow Run was formed. The theme was going to be an all-women snowmobile ride – Women helping women! The concept would be to ride the trails and raise awareness about breast cancer and raise funds to help support women who have been diagnosed. They would help by purchasing items they needed but weren’t covered by insurance. The first year (January 2000) the Snow Run was rained out, but that did not stop the spirit of the women who still came out and helped to raise $10,000. The event has continued to grow since then and continues today.

October 31, 2004, Kelly lost her 8-year battle with breast cancer, a battle she faced head on and meanwhile enlisting a great group of volunteers to carry her dreams forward. Kelly dreamed that the charity would grow and hopefully one day have a chapter in each province. This dream continues to grow as the second chapter opened in Quebec. The first Quebec event took place in March 2006. Since losing Kelly, the Board of Director’s continues to carry Kelly’s Dreams and Legacy forward! Over the past years, the charity has helped women with all kinds of tasks and purchases – anything from arranging for home care, child counseling, prosthetics, wigs, hats, and emotional support. Thanks very much for helping our cause and making the battle against Cancer an easier one to fight. Together we can make a difference!

In loving memory of an extraordinary women who was determined to make the fight against breast cancer less challenging for others. Kelly wanted us to celebrate her life and we continue to do that through her dreams – Although she is gone, she is not forgotten.

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