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Justin Preston
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In the past few years many of you have helped me raise thousands towards Kids Help Phone as we Walk So Kids Can Talk every year. Thanks to all of you world changers I'm honoured to be the 2018 Volenteer Of The Year for Walk So Kids Can Talk.

Why I think this is highly important, I'd like to share.

When I was younger bullying became more tougher to deal with when others started to discover that I was gay. Being in a open relationship in my community created myself to be mercilessly bullied. Trying to cope and keep everything silent of all the cyber-bullying and being treated unfair by fellow students during my early high-school years.

I was that little boy that had "target" written on his forhead.

There were times and attempts I felt I did not belong or deserved to move forward in life. But let me tell you, this world needs people like you and me.

In one of the most hardest times of my life. I had the courage and reached for the phone and dealing with fears of calling Kids Help Phone of being judged more. One entire hour was spent talking to a open-minded lady and spilling my heart on topics my parents knew nothing about.

I felt comfort that night, I didn't feel alone and somebody listened when I was crying out for help in a crisis time of my life.

This is why I dedicate every year raising funds as I walk 5k in St. Catherines at Jaycee Park on Sunday, May 5, I’ll be walking with thousands of other allies across Canada to make our world a more supportive place for youth.

Kids Help Phone is a charity and has been a trusted source of support for almost 30 years. Thanks to events like the Walk, when young people find the courage to ask for help, Kids Help Phone will always be there to answer.

Match the courage of young people in Canada and please contribute to my fundraising goal!

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2019-05-05 08:30
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03 mai 2019 15:09
Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday :)
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Great work!
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08 mars 2019 09:06
Keep up the good work. You're soing so well after all this time!
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26 janvier 2019 15:45
Wishing you all the best. Go for it Justin.
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