Ed Duda
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Fundraising Goal $2,000.00

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Why I Ride

I ride to bring mental health into the open.

One in five Canadians lives with a mental illness in any given year, but five in five—all of us—have mental health. You have it, I have it. And we all need to take care of it.

On June 23, 2019, Canadians from coast to coast are riding to connect—to their own mental health, to each other, to their communities, and to the nation-wide conversation on the importance of mental health for all—and I will be one of them!

Because we all deserve to feel well, whatever our mental health experience.

When we don’t talk about our emotions or our mental health we feel alone, and don’t get the help we deserve or need.

So Ride Don’t Hide is a nationwide fundraising bike ride that brings mental health into the open and raises critical funds that support CMHA programs in their own community that help Canadians take care of our mental health.

I’m proud to participate in Ride Don’t Hide 2019 and ask that you ride with me. Join me as a rider or show your support with a donation. Help me bring mental health into the open so we can all get the support and help we need to thrive!

Thank you!



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Greater Vancouver

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My Supporters (29)

Bart left a message
May 21, 2019 10:24 AM
Have a great Ride Edster!
Bart Nygard donated $50.00
May 21, 2019 10:23 AM
Ron left a message
Apr 18, 2019 9:34 AM
Great job Ed! Wonderful cause.
Happy Donor donated an undisclosed amount
Apr 18, 2019 9:31 AM
Dean left a message
Apr 12, 2019 8:19 AM
Excellent cause Ed - ride like the wind!
Dean Duke donated $150.00
Apr 12, 2019 8:18 AM
Peter McTavish donated $50.00
Apr 9, 2019 7:06 PM
Peter left a message
Apr 9, 2019 6:59 PM
Good cause Ed! Happy to sponsor you!
Jaime left a message
Apr 9, 2019 9:18 AM
Happy Trails Ed! Great Work!
Happy Donor donated $100.00
Apr 7, 2019 4:05 PM
Happy Donor donated $100.00
Apr 2, 2019 10:30 AM
Vera left a message
Apr 1, 2019 8:38 PM
Go for it!!
Vera Brookes donated $150.00
Apr 1, 2019 8:37 PM
Vivian Lee-Wardell donated $50.00
Apr 1, 2019 9:34 AM
Peter and Theresa left a message
Mar 29, 2019 7:16 PM
Thanks for doing this Ed!
Theresa Cividin donated $100.00
Mar 29, 2019 7:15 PM
Ron Miller left a message
Mar 29, 2019 2:57 PM
Great cause, Ed, nice to see you are riding rather than just talking!
Ron Miller donated $100.00
Mar 29, 2019 2:55 PM
Brent Willox left a message
Mar 29, 2019 10:39 AM
Ed, thanks for supporting this great cause!
Brent Willox donated $100.00
Mar 29, 2019 10:36 AM
Tanya Tynan left a message
Mar 29, 2019 9:37 AM
Way to go for supporting Mental Health Ed! Enjoy your ride and know Chris and I are cheering for you!
Tanya Tynan donated $75.00
Mar 29, 2019 9:35 AM
Tanya Tynan left a message
Mar 29, 2019 9:30 AM
Such a wonderful cause and needs to be brought out in the open more and not hidden away to suffer alone.
Jack M donated $50.00
Mar 29, 2019 9:02 AM
William Wright donated $125.00
Mar 29, 2019 8:05 AM
Happy Donor donated $100.00
Mar 29, 2019 5:04 AM
John MacPhail left a message
Mar 29, 2019 5:01 AM
Lauren Duda donated $50.00
Mar 28, 2019 10:48 PM
Ed Duda donated $100.00
Jan 23, 2019 1:10 PM


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