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Kelly Adam
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This fundraiser that takes place in over 140 communities across the country on the same day to raise awareness and support for non profit organizations like Island Crisis Care here in Nanaimo that are keeping some of the only doors open for people experiencing homelessness. 

But why am I doing this? 

I’ll be honest, with all the stigma towards people experiencing homelessness in our community right now I questioned the support I’d receive. But I guess that’s why I should do this more than ever.

First I'd like to note not everyone who is homeless is an addict, there are children, mothers, seniors who just can’t pay the rent and it can happen to anyone.  

But let’s talk about the addicts, so you don’t want to support them?

I get it, I understand why people are so angry at the homeless situation, the theft, violence, fear, destruction of property and nature. I understand why communities are so fed up they are resorting to vigilante methods because the judicial system is failing so miserably. I get it.... I understand but I’m going to try to ask you to see a different side and maybe you will understand why I’m asking for your support in this walk.

What if you had a family member that got caught up in addiction? I never dreamed the hell that could actually be. You try to do everything you can, treatment centres, every kind of support you can but when the drugs finally change a person’s behaviour so much you don’t feel safe under the same roof what do you do.... What do you do when someone you love is so messed up they can’t stop using and you need them to leave but you know they can’t even take care of themselves. They will end up on the street..... and you know this but you are mentally and physically exhausted, broken, defeated, scared. I’m guessing unless you’ve been there you can’t imagine the guilt that goes along with saying no to a loved one who needs a place to stay on a cold night. You won’t sleep, it’s a horrible night mare. But perhaps you can take a bit of comfort in knowing that the Island Crisis Care Society has shelters to help them stay warm and safe and resources to help get them back in their feet if they decide to. Perhaps a child can sleep a little better at night knowing their parent has a place to go. This organization does amazing things in our community, this a community problem, it can happen to anyone, any family, your friends, your child.......

and the impact definitely falls on us all. I don't have a solution but I know Island Crisis Care is part of it. Please help me show them some support. 

Date de l'événement
2021-02-20 09:00
Nom du lieu
Nanaimo (Virtual-Only) - ICCS Nanaimo

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You are such an amazing advocate for this cause Kelly, I am so proud of you.
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Thank you for walking Kelly!
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