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Fiorella Kuczma
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On October 2, 2021 I'm fundraising in the Ride for Refuge for Restorations Second Stage Homes (www.restorationscanada.org). As a survivor of child commercial sexual exploitation I am incredibly passionate about the work that we do to support survivors of human trafficking in Canada. Knowing personally the complex trauma and barriers that survivors face in exiting their exploitative situations is what led me to championing in support of this organization and its work. 

As my role here at Restorations comes to an end at the end of the year I will be riding for my 13 year old self pictured above and for all the other survivors of sexual exploitation who are on their own individual healing journeys. It is a long road but one that is made less challenging with the love and support of communities and individuals like yourselves. For this ride I will be cycling 62km (the distance between my home in Hamilton and the location where my exploitation began over 20 years ago - Meadowvale Town Centre in Mississauga). Your donations and support will carry me through this emotional and physically challenging ride that will span around 3.5 hours.

Our organization provides survivor-led peer support through supportive counselling, group programming and (virtual) social events. We also provide community outreach, advocacy, mentorship and employment opportunities through survivor leadership programs. We support survivors all across Ontario and even out of province! The Peer Support Program provides survivors with a sense of community and belonging while providing a supportive and empowering environment that fosters autonomy,  encourages skill-development, goal planning and gradual community reintegration and independence. 

This year we are raising the funds we need for staffing dollars for the residential program. "Nancy's House" will be welcoming our first 3 survivors into the home this October and the funds that you help us raise will go towards operational costs such as staffing dollars. Nancy's House has been a dream for many years and we are the first second-stage transitional home in the Hamilton and Halton area. We are proud to be filling a much needed gap in victim services and transitional housing.  

 Thanks for supporting me and joining me in this journey! #ride21 

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2021-10-02 00:00
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Tiffany Roblin a fait don de 75,00 $
05 octobre 2021 12:44
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02 octobre 2021 07:58
You got this girl!!!
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02 octobre 2021 07:57
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29 septembre 2021 16:13
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20 septembre 2021 18:13
Keep up the awesome work!
Matthew Youngblut a fait don de 100,00 $
20 septembre 2021 18:12
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16 septembre 2021 19:37
Thanks for doing what you're doing!
Lawrence Medas a fait don de 500,00 $
16 septembre 2021 19:37
Esther De Boer a fait don de un montant non divulgué
15 septembre 2021 18:31
Allan H Laisser un message
15 septembre 2021 09:04
Good Luck, have a great ride and thank you for all you do for this
Allan Hooey a fait don de 100,00 $
15 septembre 2021 09:03
Lesley Baldwin a fait don de 200,00 $
02 septembre 2021 12:13
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23 août 2021 10:13
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14 août 2021 11:23
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14 août 2021 11:22
Sarah Laisser un message
08 août 2021 21:23
So proud of you in all that you continue to do.
Sarah Chapman a fait don de 50,00 $
08 août 2021 21:22
Celeste Phillips a fait don de un montant non divulgué
06 août 2021 12:55
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04 août 2021 10:36
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03 août 2021 18:35
Heather Simmonds Laisser un message
03 août 2021 10:37
I'm so grateful for your leadership and courage! Thanks for all you have given and continue to give to Restorations, both personally and professionally.
Heather Simmonds a fait don de 100,00 $
03 août 2021 10:35
Ryan Laisser un message
02 août 2021 20:33
Keep up the great work you are doing!
Ryan Green a fait don de 50,00 $
02 août 2021 20:32
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02 août 2021 11:38
Jane and Barry Corby Laisser un message
01 août 2021 17:11
Keep up your great work! Keep strong and proud.
Barry and Jane Corby a fait don de 25,00 $
01 août 2021 17:07
Jane and Barry Corby Laisser un message
01 août 2021 16:56
Keep up your great work.Keep strong and proud.
Robin McBride Laisser un message
31 juillet 2021 22:49
This is a great cause that I am happy to donate to Fio!!
Robin McBride a fait don de 125,00 $
31 juillet 2021 22:48
Anthony Laisser un message
30 juillet 2021 22:28
You do great work for a great cause. Keep up the terrific work!
Anthony Streppel a fait don de 100,00 $
30 juillet 2021 22:26
The Stewart’s Laisser un message
30 juillet 2021 14:02
What an amazing job you have done Fio at Restorations. So proud of your strength. Good luck and we support you on this journey 100%!!! Go Fio Go!!! You got this!!!
Sarah Stewart a fait don de 75,00 $
30 juillet 2021 13:59
Maryann Mirenzi a fait don de 100,00 $
30 juillet 2021 11:59
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30 juillet 2021 11:39
Natasha Gibbs - Watson a fait don de 50,00 $
30 juillet 2021 10:37
Tasha Laisser un message
30 juillet 2021 10:34
Good Luck Lady!! With your determination and drive I am 100% you will be successful!!
Fiorella Kuczma a fait don de 100,00 $
29 juillet 2021 11:50