En septembre prochain, nous vous mettons au défi de faire 100 000 pas pour soutenir plus de 100 000 Canadiennes et Canadiens qui vivent actuellement avec un lymphome.
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Anthony Liscio
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Please support me in my efforts to raise funds to support Canadians and their loved ones affected by lymphoma. Lymphoma is the 5th most common cancer in Canada; the most common cancer in teenagers and young adults ages 15-29; the 3rd most common cancer in kids. Each day, 31 Canadians are diagnosed with lymphoma. Lymphoma strikes randomly. There is no known cause.

This fall, I will join other wellness enthusiasts at Lymphoma Canada’s virtual fundraising event, Laps Around Lymphoma. All participants are challenged to take 100,000 steps (76km) from September 15 to September 30. Prizes are available for the first three individuals who complete the virtual racetrack and for the top fundraisers.

I am aware that 100,000 steps will be quite a challenge! Believe me. But I want to show my support for the over 100,000 Canadians currently living with lymphoma.

Your support, in the form of a donation, would be greatly appreciated. I plan to raise as many funds as possible. Please help me reach, and hopefully, exceed my fundraising goal!

Gratefully yours,

Lymphoma Canada provides newly diagnosed patients with the resources to help navigate through their cancer journey. This includes information about diagnosis, treatment, and remission. To view Lymphoma Canada's patient resource manuals, or to order your own, please visit: https://www.lymphoma.ca/resources/patient-resource-manuals/

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2021-09-15 00:00
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