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Mysterious Barricades Cross-Canada Concert
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We hope you will donate to CMHA in support of suicide prevention and survivor support. 10% of donations will be used toward the technical costs of delivering hope through  positive, glorious and far-reaching music across Canada.  
On September 15, Canada will be joined together by a series of 13 concerts, from dawn to dusk, from sea to sea. The day will bring together hundreds of artists who believe that music is a dynamic, intuitive, and connective force that can bring hope and healing to people who are in despair, or have been impacted by suicide. Please see for concert details in each city. 


The word evokes amongst the most gut-wrenching emotions and casts a devastating trail of unanswered questions. Questions that torment those who believe there is no other recourse and haunt those who are left behind.

Suicide is death by mental illness. 

And mental illness—which affects all of us—is intensely misunderstood, deeply personal and often masked. Increased public focus on mental illness has brought it into the spotlight. We have been stunned by seemingly successful popular figures dying by suicide. We have participated in nationwide hashtag campaigns. We have seen programs increase awareness surrounding this problem faced by all of humanity.

Hope and healing are essential to these mental illness conversations. 

Mysterious Barricades is our response: to be a catalyst for suicide prevention by fostering hope and healing through music. We bring together people in concerts that celebrate life and hope, with artists who believe that music is a visceral, deeply healing and connective force that unites and transforms.
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2010-06-30 11:15
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To help them bring awareness to the public regarding suicide and suicide prevention

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14 août 2018 01:02
I am deeply touched by this cross-country concert project. Thank you all.
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Thank you for bringing attention to the important cause of suicide prevention.
Association canadienne pour la santé mentale