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Regardless of how bad ones situation may seem, there is always someone else worse off. True enough, there are people in need right in our own backyards, and there is much we can do to help our closest neighbours. However, we are relatively rich, in Canada, not only in real economic terms, but also in terms of skilled people willing to volunteer some of their leisure time. By offering to travel overseas, I am offering my time and talents in places where their may be a shortage of experienced people with the time to share.
CUSO-VSO sends people not money; where I may not be able to donate much financially, I am more than able and happy to donate my time and my skills in photography.
I will be traveling as part of a team of experienced Journalists and Photographers, to gather frontline stories from not only CUSO-VSO Volunteers and Partner Organizations, but perhaps more importantly, from some of the many beneficiaries, that have, and continue to be helped by the many volunteers living and working in over 40 communities around the world.
Language skills are important when traveling abroad and as both my traveling companion and myself speak Spanish, we will be traveling to Bolivia. Other pairs are going to Honduras, Cambodia, Ghana, Sierra Leone Ethiopia and Tanzania to help capture the spirit of the work and the impact a volunteer has on the beneficiaries.
Despite all the training involved in preparing for an assignment such as this, many details with regard to specific itinerary and project locations we wll visit, may not be confirmed until we actually touch down in La Paz and meet with our local counterparts. What that means is that, although we hope to have access to the internet, we won’t know the quality or duration of our connections until we arrive. My hope is to publish to my Blog and post photos as often as possible.
Although, volunteers working overseas, donate their time and experience, there are, none-the-less, costs associated with sending each volunteer. There is a week of Pre-Departure training and orientation in Ottawa, a cocktail of vaccines, and then of course there are the travel expenses of reaching and returning from our postings, food, lodging and insurance, as well as other project related expenses.
Paying it forward is the name of the game, when it comes to CUSO-VSO volunteers. Each volunteer is strongly encouraged to identify their circle of family, friends and contacts with an invitation to donate to CUSO-VSO, on their behalf. The approximate cost of sending a Volunteer overseas for a typical two year placement is approximately CDN $20,000.00. In fact, the cost of my volunteer opportunity is being offset, in part, by the fund raising efforts undertaken by previous volunteers.
I think I heard a gasp when you read that $20,000.00 figure, right? Well, you’ll probably be surprised to know that there is magic behind every dollar you donate to CUSO-VSO. CIDA (the Canadian International Development Agency) will match every donation to the tune of 9:1. That means that for every dollar I manage to generate, CIDA will pitch in $9.00, so all it takes is $2,000.00 to magically morph into $20,000.00. Who could get a physiotherapist trainer or management advisor for that amount?! With your well-meaning help, I am confident that we, you and I, can quickly raise the funds necessary to send the next volunteers overseas on our behalf.
By now you’re so anxious to pitch in that you’re asking yourself where you can donate. Many of you may have already visited my Website and Blog to “oooh” and “ahhhh” at all the wonderful photographs, and if you have not come to visit my page you no longer have any excuse not to. When you arrive there, select the BLOG heading along the top then scan down along the right side of the page where you will find a Donate To CUSO-VSO button. It’s as simple as clicking here…
Like yourself, I too am solicited to donate to countless worthy causes, on a weekly basis, and if I don’t’ do so more often it’s because I am, at times weary about what will happen to the money. The wonderful difference with donating to CUSO-VSO, is that they don’t send money, they send people, so you always know how and where your donation is going and no one can warehouse and resell your goodwill.
I will link a diagram of CUSO-VSO financials and their website to my blog if you would like more information.

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miguel feliciano left a message
Oct 27, 2011 3:13 PM
espero que hayas encontrado el La Paz las baterias para la camara
miguel feliciano hortiguela donated $50.00
Oct 27, 2011 3:11 PM
Conxi left a message
Oct 16, 2011 5:55 AM
Que el mundo sea un poquito mejor, ahora depende de ti. Disfruta y haz disfrutar. Un abrazo.
Conxi Blanco donated $30.00
Oct 16, 2011 5:50 AM
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