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As a teenager in northern British Columbia I saw television ads for international aid agencies and was intrigued. In my family overseas service meant missions work, and I was fascinated to learn that people could share things beyond their faith – their knowledge, skill, ability and compassion – in the world. When I was 17 years old I traveled to southern Africa; that trip began my life-long yearning to travel, my interest in global justice, and my earliest development of cultural competency. That trip also birthed a dream that has grown as the years rolled  by - the dream to make a real and lasting difference in the developing world.

I studied. Raised my children. Gained experience, compassion and - I hope - wisdom. In all of that, the goal of using my skills and knowledge internationally called me forward. Finally in 2014, with my sons grown and a clear sense of myself and my abilities, I got to make that thirty year old dream come true, with the support of CUSO International.

That 6 month placement for a Marketing, Communication & Branding Advisor for a national organization in Kingston, Jamaica was the single most growing experience of my life, aside from being a mom. My dearest hope is that I made as much difference in that community as it gave to me.

In spite of the obstacles facing them, people in every corner of the developing world are building better futures for their communities, thanks to CUSO International! Lasting change requires not just a financial investment, but also a human investment. That’s why Cuso International shares skills, and changes lives.

Not everyone can work overseas, but everyone can support that work. Thank you for whatever you can give to the continued difference made by CUSO volunteers. 

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Jan 21, 2015 11:29 AM
Enjoy your last month Shanni ... Sorry it's not more.
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