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Alex "The Task Man" Taskey
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I am participating in the Victory Charity Ball to raise money for the Pinball Clemons Foundation Ambassador School Program.

It was on my bucket list to become a good boxer, so I joined Dewith’s Gym after a recommendation from a friend Denton Daley. I heard about Victory Charity Ball once I started training with Dewith, as well as through a mutual friend (Chris at Beanfield). When I looked into the cause and understood what it was about, I signed up instantly. Not only do you raise money for kids in underprivileged life circumstances, but you get to be a part of a journey that involves a true test of mental and physical toughness. Boxing has helped with the balance of life, business and a true push of what you’re capable of as a person.

My activities consist of being in the gym to stay fit while playing soccer, basketball, squash and anything that involves physical activity. In addition, my hobbies are checking items of my bucket list. For example, the last item I crossed off my list was diving a shipwreck.

The Ambassador Program is an alternative school program designed to assist youth, who have dropped out of high school, to reengage with learning. The aim is to help them complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, gain valuable life skills, and successfully move into a post-secondary school environment. 

The program currently services 15 full time youth, and 4-part time youth, with one Teacher and one Child and Youth Worker. Students work at their own pace on academic courses and participate in a life skills program which focuses on skill building for youth to live independently and successfully. These life skills include learning the basics of cooking and nutrition, physical health and wellness, financial literacy, and personal life management.

Students also engage in community support activities, volunteering, and a program called the “SpeakOut” where they travel to grade 7 and 8 classrooms across the city of Toronto and deliver a “stay in school” presentation based on their own life story and life choices.  Ambassador Students have spoken to nearly 30 000 grade 7-8 students over the past 10 years.  The core philosophy of the Ambassador Program is that every student can learn, achieve their goals, and realize their potential regardless of their socio-economic status, upbringing, or experiences.  

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Jan 1, 2018 12:00 AM
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