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Welcome to my fundraising page! I am thrilled to be running the 2019 Chicago Marathon this October with the Windy City Angels team. The Windy City Angels help support the Angelman Syndrome Foundation by raising funds and promoting awareness of Angelman Syndrome and the impact it has had on so many families.

What is Angelman Syndrome? Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder about which you may not have heard. AS is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy or autism due to lack of awareness. Individuals with AS have severe to profound intellectual disability, lack of speech, difficulties with motor control, significant sleep difficulties, seizures and unique behavioral features. The chronic and severe nature of AS can result in a substantial, life-long burden for caregivers.

Unlike some cancers and many other diseases, we now know the exact gene that causes Angelman Syndrome. Dr. Art Beaudet, world-renowned geneticist and AS researcher, says this about AS:

“Compared to 30 other pediatric neurological disorders, I would make the case that Angelman Syndrome is at the top – it is THE single-most optimistic possibility for a cure.”

And as if I needed an even more compelling reason than those listed above to run and raise funds as a Windy City Angel, I would like to introduce our friend and next door neighbor, Emmett, who has Angelman Syndrome. He is in all of the fabulous images on this page. He is 11 and tall and awesome and loves to swim and play with my four kids. He will be my “wingman” every step I take on every training run in New England and on every inch of the marathon route in Chicago on October 13th. Emmett and his family are such incredible and inspiring people; I am thrilled that the Windy City Angels team has given me an opportunity to run on behalf of families like Emmett’s.

How would your donation to my fundraising campaign make a difference?

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation puts your donations into action immediately by aggressively funding research for a cure. Your donations also provide critical support services to families. 

Whether it be curing a family’s daily struggles, curing the challenging symptoms of AS or curing Angelman Syndrome as a whole, your donation ignites more opportunities to find a cure and truly help individuals with AS and their families.

Be the Cure! – Donate to the Windy City Angels today!

Thank you!!

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

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Jan 18, 2019 11:53 AM
Hi Katherine! Wishing you a healthy and successful training season...See you in October!
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