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Hey all, Angie here!

Welcome to my page friends! My personal goal is 75 miles. Below you can find more info on Run Ranger Run and The GallantFew. 

Please consider donating in any amount! You can choose a flat donation or pledge to sponser me per mile and donate at the end.

Here's my little personal incentive! The donor that contributes the most money toward my personal goal of $500 will choose my next hair color! Now the rules... you knew I would get ya! 

1. The donation must meet or exceed my milage to qualify. Highset single donation oicks the color!

2. No green or green variant (it's much to difficult to fix later and also gross I would look bad) and no platmium blonde. Trust me I would love it, but alas my hair wont do it!

Now the facts:

Run Ranger Run VII

Teams of up to ten individuals pledge to walk, run , row and/or ride bicycles a combined total of 565 miles in the month of February.  Each team will raise funds for GallantFew and increase awareness for stated veteran transition issues.

The GallantFew objective is to connect every transitioning veteran with a veteran mentor – one who has successfully transitioned, is local, and from the same branch of the service with a very similar military background.  We want this to happen as close to transition from active duty as possible for the greatest preventive effect, but we also spend a lot of time helping veterans through issues that have arisen over years of less-than successful transition.   The work of GallantFew does make a difference and  your miles will change lives!  

Take it from US Army 75th Ranger Regiment retired Master Sergeant, "Thanks again for all of your time and mentorship to this process. It's not easy but you have definitely helped in more ways than I can express." 


In 2012, 3rd Ranger Battalion veteran US Army Corporal Cory Smith, having deployed to combat twice, experienced having friends killed and wounded and with his own marriage failing decided to highlight the difficult journey home many soldiers have leaving the Army by undergoing a very public and very difficult journey home himself.  Cory decided to run 565 miles in 28 days with holding his daughter Elleigh in his arms the end goal of his run.

As a Result

To honor Cory’s incredible effort and to continue the momentum to raise awareness for veterans issues – particularly around divorce, unemployment, homelessness and suicide – GallantFew offers an annual Run Ranger Run event.

“I also want you to know how much of an impact this event had on my life."

"Thank you for all of your help and for this wonderful event. I can't tell you how much this has brought my husband (a combat veteran) out of his shell for a while. Its been great!"

The Event

Teams of up to ten individuals will pledge to walk, run, row, swim, kayak and/or ride bicycles a combined total of 565 miles in the month of February.  They will raise funds for GallantFew and increase awareness for stated veteran issues.

Key Components

A team captain recruits and forms his or her team.

Team goal is to walk, run, swim,row, kayak or ride a bike (or any combination) a total of 565 miles during February. 

Teams can be one to ten people.

Teams are not limited geographically.  It can be a local group that logs mileage together or could be a team spread out across the USA or even overseas.

Teams can honor a fallen, wounded or serving Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine by naming their team in honor of that person, and their team website should be able to reflect that.

Teams will register and track their progress online

Teams raise money by getting family, friends and co-workers to sponsor them per mile

Visit our official web site HERE.  Want to create a kick off event in your community?  Contact us. 

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Feb 1, 2019 12:00 AM
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Anywhere I Am

My Thoughts

My goal is to run 75 miles and I'm already running behind!

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