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Kayla Byers was a young adult in love with wildlife (especially sharks), the environment, education, books, Harry Potter, the water and rowing, education, children, and having fun. Kayla’s presence and almost permanent smile brought confidence, joy, and a desire to be better to others. Kayla was one of those rare and remarkable people. Kayla conveyed her own strength and kindness to everyone she met. She was extremely loving, but also brave and willing to stand up for her beliefs. Kayla spoke her mind and told the truth, and earned the respect of her family, peers, and elders throughout her life. Kayla was poised to take on a new adventure studying Environmental Resource Management at the University of Waterloo in September, 2018. It’s hard to imagine a person as excited as Kayla at the opportunity to put on rubber boots and dredge through bogs, streams, and puddles. Though she was eager to begin her studies, her sudden diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia interrupted all plans in mid-August, 2018. Though this was a substantial U-Turn and obstacle, Kayla did not let it bring her down. She quickly came to terms with needing a year off to obtain treatment. Her doctor recommended that she re-consider schools post-treatment, in order to be closer to home; but Kayla would have none of it and insisted that once she was well, she would be right back to her planned destiny. Kayla was not the type of person to let anything get in the way of her dreams. Kayla never let anything get her down for long at all. She would take her lessons, dust herself off, and move forward stronger than before. Without warning, and at the age of 18, Kayla was suddenly lost due to complications only 3 weeks after her initial diagnosis. In those 3 short weeks, Kayla exemplified strength, calm, and joy in the face of adversity. Kayla was a rock and a role model to the many beautiful children who would visit her; and to her friends and family who never left her side since her diagnosis. Kayla is deeply missed by so many people. Since her passing, so many of her many loved ones have tried to find some sense in the tragedy. Kayla’s legacy has renewed a fire in the hearts of those who cared so much for her; and many have put old differences aside and banded together to work towards continuing the active force for good in the world that Kayla was. Kayla Byers was special, loved, and more than anything –a human being. Though she is gone, she will be carried in spirit and in the hearts of her friends and family forever.
Event Date
Oct 19, 2019 5:00 PM
Location Name
London 2019
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