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Joyce's Highsteppers
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3 964,00 $
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This is a time to come together as we celebrate the gradual easing of restrictions. Sign up for Chimo's CNOY virtual walk, walk with a friend, and find a new way to have fun. Perhaps visit to an outdoor restaurant patio, wear crazy costume while walking, make up a song, dance a jig on the dyke. The challenge is on - walk, laugh, support our programs for women in abusive situations and seniors and most importantly have fun.

Date de l'événement
2021-02-20 09:00
Nom du lieu
Richmond (Virtual-Only) - Chimo Community Services
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Niti and Harish Laisser un message
25 février 2021 01:14
Thank you Joyce for all your good work in Richmond!
Harish Krishnan a fait don de 150,00 $
25 février 2021 01:14
Pat Atkinson Laisser un message
18 février 2021 15:07
Congratulations, Joyce, on achieving your goal and more!!!
Tammi Belfer a fait don de 50,00 $
12 février 2021 14:27
Kate Bouchard a fait don de un montant non divulgué
09 février 2021 14:31
Tabitha Laisser un message
05 février 2021 11:11
Way to go Joyce's Highsteppers!! Great support and I hope everyone will be watching the Launch tomorrow Morning.
Ginah Choi, Chimo Community Services Laisser un message
03 février 2021 12:54
Congrats Joyce's Highsteppers for reaching your goal — we're immensely thankful for your contributions. There’s still 17 days to go so keep up the amazing work!
Frances Mitchell a fait don de 100,00 $
01 février 2021 14:37
Ginah Choi, Chimo Community Services Laisser un message
08 janvier 2021 19:17
Hi Joyce's Highsteppers! Welcome to Chimo’s 5th Annual Coldest Night of the Year. Looking forward to walking together in February! ???
Diane Brow a fait don de 100,00 $
09 décembre 2020 09:15