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Medium Speed, Some Drag
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Below is the RRR spiel about go team. Let's be clear, we are team Medium Speed, Some Drag. We all run to some extent so we can for sure help these guys out while we do that. I believe in you all... except you, Raniola. You I will be happy if you squeeze a mile out of those unsculpted calves. But for the rest of you, we can totally strap a pedometer to our neighbors dog and staple a pork chop to the back of our cars. Because that's what heroes do.

Welcome to the team!  We are stoked you have chosen to join us for the month of February. Let's make it fun.  Don't forget to log miles here. We can walk, run, bike, row....you name it. Anything we can do to keep our commitment to 565 miles for the month.  Don't forget to raise lots of money for GallantFew.  Think friends, family, gatherings, parties, and benefit events. Don't foget about your employer too!  This is going to be the best month of the year.  Together, our miles change lives.  #RRR19, #RunRangerRun

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Feb 1, 2019 12:00 AM
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Anywhere I Am
Medium Speed, Some Drag is affiliated with Darby Project

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