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J.L. Richards

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Amount Raised: $750.00
Event Date: Sep 14, 2013 4:45 AM
Location: Ottawa International Airport
My Team Message
The Ottawa International Airport will host its eighth annual Plane Pull Challenge for Charity on Saturday, September 14th, at the Ottawa Airport.

The event features teams of 15-20 people that pull an Air Canada Jet a total of 12 feet (3.5 metres). The team that pulls the fastest wins!

The Plane Pull Challenge is a fun-filled, family-oriented event that raises much needed funds for the community. Funds raised from the event go to support Project Clear Skies and the Sens Foundation.

Team Members

Verified Amount Raised
NameVerified Amount Raised
Karen Scott$530.00
Nicolas Rivet$100.00
Stephen Parenteau$50.00
Brenda Cleary$25.00
Roger Venne$25.00
Mai Nguyen$20.00
Aaron Kromm$0.00
Brad White$0.00
Chris MacDonald$0.00
Darren Brunne$0.00
Geoff Chadsey$0.00
Lee Jablonski$0.00
Leeshawn O'Sullivan$0.00
Mario Mercier$0.00
Remi-Jacques Nadeau$0.00
Tobias Barton$0.00
Tony Hiratsuka$0.00
Yuki Yamanaka$0.00
J.L. Richards$0.00

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