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Unsung Hero Apparel - Guys

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  • Plane Pull Challenge 7

Amount Raised: $4,638.83
Event Date: Sep 22, 2012 10:00 AM
Location: Ottawa International Airport
My Team Message
Official Home of the 'No Quit. All Hustle' lifestyle. Unsung Hero Apparel is a clothing line that celebrates the determination, drive, courage and perseverance of those who strive to be their best, day in and day out. www.unsungheroapparel.com

Team Members

Verified Amount Raised
NameVerified Amount Raised
Skyler Winsor$1,120.00
Pete Gillis$472.00
Ahmad Youssef$471.00
Matt Warren$405.00
Chris McCrudden$310.83
Al Marchand$300.00
Adam Haggart$250.00
Rafal Deren$250.00
John Gauthier$230.00
Duong Hoang$200.00
Kyle Sorrie$195.00
Chuck McTavish$160.00
Alistar Thomas$100.00
Unsung Hero Apparel - Guys $100.00
Chris McCorkell$50.00
Paul Tremblay$25.00
Alex Mertens$0.00
Andrew Hamilton$0.00
Billy Triantafilos$0.00
Joel Marshall$0.00
Paul Hyndman$0.00

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