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Get milkweed to help monarch butterflies!

On this page you can help welcome monarch butterflies back to Canada after their multigenerational trip from Mexico. Milkweed is a humble plant, but it’s the only place monarch moms lay their eggs, and their caterpillars’ main source of food. And it’s been practically wiped out!

You can help by buying milkweed plants for your yard for $5 each or purchasing a Butterfly Block Captain kit, which includes 20 milkweed plants plus educational materials and Got Milkweed stickers. All plants and kits will be available for pick up on Sunday, May 24 in Toronto’s Christie Pits Park.

If you live outside the city or don’t have room for milkweed, you can support the campaign by contributing $25 and having a volunteer Homegrown Park Ranger plant milkweed in parks and schoolyards on your behalf this summer!

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Purchase milkweed to plant yourself

Buy your milkweed now, then pick it up a fun event at Christie Pits Park on Sunday, May 24. There will be an assortment of native milkweed species (common, butterfly and swamp milkweed). This year the plants will be in bigger, four-inch pots. And don’t worry, when you pick up your plant we’ll provide tips on where to plant and how to care for your milkweed. If you don’t live in Toronto, you can support monarchs by choosing the option below.

Photo by Natasha Milijasevic






We plant milkweed for you

This spring our Homegrown Park Rangers will be planting milkweed in parks and schoolyards as part of the Homegrown National Park Project. This item is treated just like a donation, so you will receive a tax receipt.






Become a Butterfly Block Captain

Are you keen to get your whole block on board? The Butterfly Block Captain kit will include 25 plants (A mix of common, butterfly and swamp milkweed in 4” pots), educational materials you can share with your friends and neighbours, and limited edition Got Milkweed stickers.






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