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South Africa Gifts of Hope

You can make a real difference for youth at the Get Ahead Project School

Since 2002, the Get Ahead Project in South Africa has worked in partnership with the Leacock Foundation in providing quality education for underserved youth. Across three campuses, the GAP School educates 1,400 learners in the rural townships of Queenstown and Whittlesea, Eastern Cape.
To learn more, please visit the school website at www.getahead.org.za.

5 e-Books

Provide 5 downloadable e-books for a student's tablet and give the gift of reading





Costumes and Props for the Bus Stop Theatre

Help GAP students utilize their new on-campus theatre by providing costumes and props for plays, choir, and presentations





Classroom and Art Supplies

Give the gift of accessible learning with paper, writing tools and art supplies





Tablet for a Student

In South Africa, books are expensive and hard to come by. With a tablet, a student can easily download and access endless amounts of reading materials in a variety of languages.





Support students attending after school programs

Afterschool programming includes supervised access to computer labs and on-line math programs, curriculum review, leadership programs and recreational activities.





Edu-Board for a Classroom

Technology has transformed learning, communication and lives. Help us replace old projectors in Get Ahead Project classrooms to facilitate engaging and interactive learning.





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