Broadbent Sisters

About The Artist

Joy and Rose Broadbent are multidisciplinary artists based in Toronto. Together, the Broadbent Sisters transform the domestic into dreamlike realms where sparkles are swept and spaces are cleared. They use performance and installation to create interactive experiences that transform lowly everyday objects into mystical artifacts. Their unfolding art practice, 'Clearing Spaces' examines themes of domestic life, meditation, femininity, religious ritual, and pop spirituality. They have produced multiple exhibitions in the series 'Clearing Spaces'; which have been shown internationally at the Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, TRAFO Centre for Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery of Ontario, HUNTCLUB, Katzman Contemporary, The Drake Hotel, and as part of the Sunday Drive Art Projects. Joy and Rose find collaboration to be a unique venue for distilling the essence of form and exploring telepathic ways of creating. They are represented by Katzman Contemporary.

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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." - Plutarch

Explosions of light from beneath dark spaces reveal the complexity and the magic of the mind. Each small stroke of the pen unites, illuminating a spectacular fireworks display. Side by side, the Sisters symbiotically draw together, in absence of a specific trajectory, allowing the images to organically unfold. This meditative process of mark-making creates a vital and reflective piece.

Materials used: Paint and Ink.






Display Case

Case measures 24” X 24” X 63” and will come with keys to unlock the case and the original plaque that was present for the duration of the outdoor exhibit. Please note that some cases will have scuffs and scratches on them from being out for the duration of the exhibit.