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About The Artist

Lana Filippone is a sculpture artist living and working in Toronto. She grew up on
the historic shores of Georgian Bay. A passion for story-telling and a firm relationship
with Natural History and folklore have found their way into the whimsical
narratives that she creates. Lana received an honours degree from Queen’s
University and a diploma in Ceramic, Craft and Design from Sheridan College.
She exhibits her work internationally, most recently as a Canadian contributor
to a historic cultural conversation, exhibiting her piece “En Ecrins” at the
Salon de la Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts, (Louvre, Paris), about Canadian
species at risk. She is a medalist of the Societe Academique

Lana strives to access an archetypal language that allows magic to exist in our
everyday lives through mythology and mysticism. This language harkens back to
places that are familiar yet subversive of her material. She approaches themes
of transience in shared human-experience; ephemeral states solidified in
delicate porcelain. Her material, once malleable or liquid minerals, is
symbolically transformed by the elements, then crystallized in time.

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Taking Flight

Taking Flight is an exploration of the inner journey of consciousness, the clair senses and human intuition. It is composed of porcelain, glazes, 24k gold lustre and gold leaf.






Display Case

Case measures 24” X 24” X 63” and will come with keys to unlock the case and the original plaque that was present for the duration of the outdoor exhibit. Please note that some cases will have scuffs and scratches on them from being out for the duration of the exhibit.