Protecting Your Privacy

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Every year, our annual Walk for Change is an inspiring day of community, awareness, healing, and hope. Survivors, friends, family members, activists, and others who share BARCC’s mission come together to send a message: we are dedicated to ending sexual violence through healing and social change. Many survivors take part in this event and find it to be a powerful and moving experience. As such, we want everyone to know their options for protecting their privacy on the Walk for Change website.

First, we want to say that some survivors may want to identify themselves as such and share their experiences as part of the Walk for Change, and others do not. That choice is completely up to you, and you know best what is right for you. We honor every survivor’s journey and their decisions related to sharing their story or keeping it private.

A few things to think about as you craft your personal fundraising pages:

Whether you choose to share your identity as a survivor or not, we’re so excited to have you—and your family, friends, coworkers, dogs, and others!— join us on April 23. We already have more than 150 walkers registered, and we know that’s just the beginning. If you haven’t registered yet, you can now.

Privacy options during Walk registration:

If you uncheck the box "I allow the general public to donate on my page" during the registration process, it will keep the link from being displayed on the Walk site’s search. If you send out the link to individual supporters or use the site’s e-mail or social sharing functions, then those people would have access to your page. You also have the option to not have your name listed on the fundraising scoreboard or to change how your name is displayed.

If you have any questions about Walk for Change registration or privacy options, please e-mail or call Lauren at 617-649-1295.