Buddy Walk® Fundraising Tips

  1. The best and most effective way to raise money is to email all your family and friends about the Buddy Walk. Let them know how your family benefits from the walk and share your page link so they can donate or register for the walk. (This option is available on your personal fundraising page on the Buddy Walk site.)


  1. Recruit a handful of friends (or more!) to get serious about supporting your team and ask them to commit to help you out.


  1. Ask your employer to sponsor the walk – those dollars will count toward your team total.


  1. Ask your physicians, dentists, hair stylists, and favorite restaurants to sponsor.  Most will say yes and be more generous than you think.


  1. Ask your employer if they do fund-matching.  A lot of companies will match your donation to your team dollar for dollar (or a certain %) just by filling out a request.


  1. Ask your school or church to get involved and either create their own team or join yours and help you raise funds.


  1. Schedule a Down syndrome awareness day at school or work and take collections for dressing down. 


  1. Share a link to your team page on social media.


  1. Host a Buddy Walk party at your house & invite your friends.  Many businesses will donate items that you can raffle/silent auction to raise funds toward your walk.


  1. Schedule a fundraiser at a local restaurant or business, and invite your friends.  Make sure to let DSAGC know and we can help spread the word.