In 2018, we asked that each team raise a minimum of $10,000 in order to participate in the Tech4Good on Ice Challenge. Our 14 teams went above and beyond their fundraising goals - motivated by their desire to pick early in the NHL Alumni Draft and to support Connected North!


The inaugural Tech4Good Hockey Tournament was founded to raise funds for the program in two areas:

First: we hope to reach more schools and students. Today, Connected North operates in 33 schools serving over 7,500 students, but the demand from the communities is great and we need to do more.

Second: We need to bring more experts, experiences, content providers onto the network. Our hope is to build a dynamic, digital, uniquely Canadian network connecting schools on a wide range of topics:  encouraging cross-cultural sharing; linking students between schools; facilitating virtual teacher professional development workshops and training; building hope, and pride through mentoring; showcasing cultural celebration; and exploring future pathways.  The Connected North team works closely with each school to customize the content and to address their unique needs. Content is linked with Indigenous themes of culture, tradition and ways of knowing and learning.  

The funds raised in our inagural year have helped to bring this new model into communities that have reached out to us to become part of the Connected North network.  By coming together, the tech industry, our partners and customers have been a powerful force for change!

2018 Fundraising Rules:




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