Fundraising Toolkit

With 1 in 3 Canadians directly impacted by a neurological disorder, chances are high you know someone who's been affected.  Your efforts are funding the BEST neuroscientists across Canada who are uncovering new and innovative ways to heal the brain. 

We can't thank you enough for your support.  Your passion to keep brains at their best is truly contagious!   



Below are a few tips and ideas to get those donations rolling in!

Fundraising Awards

All participants are required to raise a minimum $300 by Thursday, June 13th, 2019 at midnight. 

We're awarding some flashy new swag to individuals who go above and beyond this minimum.  

What's a Donation Worth?

This just shows there is a benefit to any amount.  Check out some of Branch Out's funded research here.  


TIP 1: Host an Event

Why not be the hostess with the mostess!?  Take your fundraising efforts to the next level and host your very own event!  This is the perfect excuse to get your friends together, throw a party, or simply bring people together for a great cause.  Sell tickets, food, games, or an experience with proceeds going towards your Bike Tour fundraising efforts.   

TIP 2: Organize a Bake Sale

Cliché?  Yes.  But are you aware of how much people LOVE homemade cookies!?  We know it might seem old school, but we also know of people who have raised over $1,000 from a single bake sale!  Get your friends together, organize a baking afternoon, and have fun sharing your sweet treats for a great cause.  

TIP 3: Make it Personal

Why do YOU ride in the Bike Tour?  Do you have a story or a personal connection to a neurological disorder?  Donors are much more likely to send donations your way when it’s tied to emotion.  Spend some time to think deep, craft that email, and share what the Bike Tour really means to you.  Send an email, write a letter, or mail a card with your personal donation request.

Don’t forget to thank your donors!  Give them an obnoxious hug, send them a card, mow their lawn… er… just show your appreciation for their support.  Our new and super slick fundraising platform has made it easy to direct your friends to your fundraising page and send automatic thank you notes and reminders.  Need some help?  Reach out to us, we’re good at this!

Get Social!

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Enter to WIN a 2019 Branch Out Bike Pack!  Snap a pic during the bike tour, use the extra awesome hashtag #BikingForBrains and you're entered to win.  Each photo is 1 submission and the winner will be announced at the Gala. Prize includes everything you need to make you look slick on your bike, treats to enjoy post-ride, and more. Good luck Branchies!