Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Climduro Digital Challenges are free and easy to join.  Simply register for a Climbduro account and get riding - it’s that easy.  Search for the challenges near you and join the fun. 

STEP 1: Register at

STEP 2: Search 'Digital Rides' and start with the one that looks the most fun.

STEP 3: Get ridin’!

I don’t have Strava, what do I do?

No problem.  Just download the app onto your iPhone or Android and create an account.  Track your cycling stats and connect your account to Climbduro. 

What if I do not live in the area or I physically cannot do the Climbduro Virtual Challenges?

If you do not live near the Climbduro Digital Challenges or cannot complete these rides, we have a second option for you.  Join our Strava Club to participate from anywhere in the world!  Whether you live in Edmonton, Toronto, or want to ride from the comfort of your stationary bike, you can still partake in the 2020 Branch Out Bike Tour!  

Step #1: Register for the 2020 Branch Out Bike Tour HERE.

Step #2: Search Strava Clubs for ‘2020 Branch Out Bike Tour’ and select your city/location club - e.g. 2020 Bike Tour (Toronto).  Click ‘Join Club’.  

Step #3: Join a Strava 100KM Challenge (e.g. May 100KM Gran Fondo).  Note: Strava distance challenges are offered every month, and you can always sign up for multiple challenges!

That’s it!  Update your donors on your Strava ride accomplishments and/or goals.  By registering for the 2020 Branch Out Bike Tour, you'll be eligible for exclusive prizes, awards and discounts.  Share your photos/videos on social media using Branch Out’s hashtags below.

Don't see a club in your city/area?  Let us know and we'll get one started!  Email to add a new city!  

#BikingForBrains #BranchyBikeTour2020


Help!  I’m not a techie, and the word ‘virtual’ makes me queasy.

We’re here for you, Branchy.  Email, and we’ll help you get set up and happily walk you through the digital platforms.


What if I’m not a professional cyclist, can I still ride?

Of course!  We encourage riders of all experience levels to come and join the fun.   

What is the fundraising minimum?

We ask riders to fundraise a minimum of $300 buck-a-roos for tech and non-pharma solutions to neurological disorders.   

Why am I raising money?

The need for new, innovative, non-pharmaceutical and tech solutions to neurological disorders. You’re helping to fill a gap and show that people need an array of options to treat illnesses.  With your fundraising dollars, Branch Out Neurological Foundation is making strides. You will directly help fund top-notch scientists who are researching alternative treatments that make a real impact for individuals and families affected by neurological disorders. If your friends ask you, “Hey. Why the heck are you riding in the Branch Out Bike Tour?”  You can say to them, “Because I believe in a world free from neurological disorders and I think we need to branch out from the status quo to get there.”

Is my registration ticket cost included in my fundraising minimum?

No. Your registration fee does not apply towards your fundraising minimum.  Paying a registration fee allows us to donate 90%+ DIRECTLY towards NeuroCAM research.  

Can I donate to myself?

Of course!  There is an area on your personal fundraising page where you can ‘self-sponsor.'

Can I accept cash donations?

Yes, you can absolutely receive cash donations.  However, please do not mail the cash to us - we don’t want it to get lost in the mail!  Instead, bring the cash donation to the Registration Tent at Panorama Mountain Resort on Friday evening.  Alternatively, you can write a cheque for the donation amount and mail it in with your donation form (PDF pledge form available for download from your personal fundraising page).  Just be sure to enter the donor’s information on the donation form.

Can I donate over e-mail or traditional mail?

Yes. Just e-mail your information or mail in your cheque donation (we cannot accept cash). Each donation must have a completed donation form that has the name of the Rider or Team you are sponsoring.  Either way, please make sure to mail both items to the address indicated in the upper right corner of your donation form.

How do donors receive a tax receipt?

Donors who donate online with a valid email address will receive a tax receipt via email. Donors who mail in a donation will receive their receipt by email if they give a valid email address or by mail if they do not give an email address.

How can I help promote and share this exciting virtual event?

We know you need an excuse to reach out to your friends and family!  Tell them your plans and share them on your social channels.  Share your rides on social media and add photos/videos using the hashtags below.  Share your stories and offer tips for fundraising on Branch Out’s Facebook page.  


What are your social media channels, and what #hastags should we use for promoting and sharing?

Instagram: @branchoutnf     

Facebook: Branch Out Foundation

Twitter: @branchoutnf

#BikingForBrains #BranchyBikeTour2020

What if my question is not answered here?

If you have additional questions about registration or fundraising, please e-mail us at