First, you register for the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer – you can start a team or join an existing team.


Once you register, you will receive a personal fundraising page that you can e-mail out to your friends and family, asking for donations.  We ask each team to raise $1,000, but you can have up to eight people on your team, so it’s very easy.   Most teams raise an average of $2,000!  The money you raise will provide financial assistance to cancer patients throughout Connecticut, especially the Ambassador for your location! 


Get ready for the workout of your life!  The music will be pumping and the atmosphere will be electric.  This is more than a workout – the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer will inspire and transform you! 


ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the money raised at the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer will provide financial aid to cancer patients throughout Connecticut, especially our Ambassadors.  Each location has its own Ambassador, a pediatric cancer patient that will receive a large grant as a result of the event.  The rest of the money will go to CT cancer patients throughout the year.  The M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer is a great way to help hundreds of people fighting cancer in our state, while also helping some local families with a significant grant.  Remember, the more you raise, the more money we will be able to give to CT cancer patients!




Start a team

Every team needs an awesome captain.  Register your team with a name and a fundraising goal.  Then, recruit your friends, family, and colleagues to join you.  We ask each team to raise at least $1,000. 

Join a team

If you know someone who has formed a team, simply click the link to join their team, set up your personal page, and start fundraising towards the goal.


When you register, encourage your friends and family to join you - you are working out to help cancer patients in Connecticut!



Start Early

The sooner you start fundraising, the more money you will raise. You will be excited to see the donations roll in and you will meet or even surpass your goal!

Donate to Yourself

Set an example and give an immediate boost to your fundraising total by making a donation to kick things off.

Customize Your Fundraising Page

Your personal page is customizable, so edit it to include a personal story, picture, or video. Our experiences with cancer are deeply personal and we recommend that you share your powerful story and your reasons for riding.


100% of the money you raise at the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer will go to people fighting cancer in Connecticut, so set an ambitious goal.  If you need help raising money, check out our fundraising tips.  And we are always here to help!


STEP 3: M.E.L.T.

Workout at the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer

Get ready for an amazing workout!  Team captains start a team, recruit members to their team, and raise at least $1,000 to participate. 

Team members workout together on an obstacle course of six awesome stations, designed by nationally-recognized personal trainer, Joe Carabase.  No experience is necessary – whether you are a newbie or a seasoned you can m.e.l.t. as hard (or as easy) as you want!


You will never forget the way you feel at the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer!  There is nothing quite like the combination of inspiration, energy, and love that flows through the event that day. 




Every Dollar Helps

Since 2015, over 140 CT cancer patients and their families have been helped through the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer.  The money you raise not only provide financial help to CT cancer patients to help pay bills, but it also provides hope during a very difficult time.

Connecticut Cancer Foundation

The Connecticut Cancer Foundation was founded in 1987 to provide financial aid to CT Cancer patients. In the last 30 years, CCF has provided over $5 million in     financial assistance to people fighting cancer in Connecticut.  CCF has earned a highly coveted four star rating from Charity Navigator. 

100% of the money raised at the M.e.l.t.-a-thon Against Cancer will help Connecticut cancer patients pay everyday living expenses, like rent, mortgage, and utilities, while they go through treatment.